Picars is an intelligent platform based on security monitoring and reporting system combining hardware and software to help track all activities within any environment with real time notifications, PICARS works as platform & Gateway.


Picars solution records every in-place activity and incident and document it, unauthorized access or system interruptions, to theft attempts. Upon occurrence of such events, the superiors (business owners,supervisors, managers…etc) are notified in order to follow through with their immediate action, if necessary

Full Control

Picars integrates ERP, any other software, and Security systems to be controlled on a unified platform.


Access the interface at any point in time to monitor business operations without being physically present.


Superiors will receive notifications providing text, picture and video files.

Picars in different sectors and different application

  • Picars with intruder alarm
  • Picars RFID system
  • Gate Antenna Alarm
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Attack/Emergency Button
  • Household Picars
  • Picars for Residential Sector
  • Picars for commercial Sector
  • Picars For Fire Protection
  • Medical PICARS
  • Picars for Unmanned Sites
  • Picars for Greenhouse
  • Picars At School

Picarsinterface distinguishes between all connected systems; the backend sockets on the PICARS device allow owners to connect multiple systems at their discretion.

Once connected, it sends signals and notifications only when an incident occurs, whether the signal is algorithmic, pulse, wave any other kind of signals. These signal can be documented by photos and videos before and after the incident. It is important to reiterate that the infrastructure of each existing system will remain separately and fully functional, as initially installed alongside the Picars service.

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